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Regal Pocket Accents Die

Art.nr: hcd1-7247
Vennligst velg

Incredibly regal and stylish, the Regal Pocket Accents Die provide a wonderful array of pocket and embellishment options! The intricate corner design allows you to create your very own sized pocket using one or two die cuts to hold treasured photos or handmade tags, while the smaller daintily designed pocket die includes interchangeable pocket openings, allowing for use as a regular pocket, or a decorative addition to card fronts, scrapbook layouts, and heirloom albums. Easy to use, just create a pocket using your favorite decorative paper and your choice of opening die! Next, die cut the intricate pocket design to be used as an overlay! The decorative overlay not only adds interest and beauty to your projects, but also acts as a reinforcement for the pocket sleeve, strengthening it, while also assisting you to slip your photos in and out of the pocket with ease! For maximum versatility, opt to use the intricate die cut shapes as decorative embellishment foundations perfect for layering your favorite dimensional flowers!

Product Info: 
Approx. Image Sizes: 
1. Regal Corner Accent Die: 4.0” x 3.0”
2. Regal Pocket Die: 4.5” x 2.25”
3. Regal Pocket Opening Die 1: 4.0” x .25”
4. Regal Pocket Opening Die 2: 4.0” x .25”
5. Regal Pocket Opening Die 3: 4.0” x .25”
6. Regal Pocket Opening Die 4: 4.0” x .25”

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