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Heartfelt; Rock Candy Stamens-Small

Art.nr: HCS1-459-4
Vennligst velg

Length: 2.25”

Add a touch of elegance and fascination to your hand shaped flowers with realistic, dimensional stamens! Quick and easy to use, simply arrange your stamen cluster, pierce a hole through the center of flower, insert stamens, then trim off excess stems from backside and seal with hot glue! With availability in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes, these realistic style flower stamens will provide you with a wonderful range of options for mixing and matching, creating unique and specialized floral designs! Ideal for use with Art Foam Paper!

Product Info:
Includes 10 Bundles – 144/bundle
Color: Assorted – cream, white, gold, silver, black, pink, purple, blue, green, red
Finish: Glass Shards
Non Wired String Stem
Size: approx. 1mm

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