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Ornate Pocket Accents Die

Art.nr: HCD1-7214
Vennligst velg

5. Ornate Pocket Opening Die 2: 4.75” x .12”

Ornamental and ornate pocket accents are a wonderful way to add a stylish and classy appearance to heirloom albums, scrapbook layouts and handmade greeting cards! The Ornate Pocket Accents Die assembling presents several stately options in various sizes to choose from! First, create a pocket using your favorite decorative paper and the pocket opening die in the size that you wish to incorporate! Next, choose and die cut the decorative pocket accent design you wish to use as an overlay to the opening, and then simply adhere your decorative accent pieces around the pocket opening! The decorative overlays not only add interest and beauty to your project, but also act as a reinforcement for the pocket sleeve, strengthening it, while also assisting you to slip your photos in and out of the pocket with ease!


Product Info: 
Approx. Image Sizes: 
1. Ornate Pocket Accent Die 1: 6” x 3.5”
2. Ornate Pocket Accent Die 2: 4.5” x 2.5”
3. Ornate Pocket Accent Die 3: 5.0” x .25”
4. Ornate Pocket Opening Die 1: 5.25” x .12”

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